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Hosting and Domains in Ghana

If you are a beginner, you may not know the difference between a website hosting and domain.

A website domain name is the address you typically enter into your search bar when you intend to visit specific website. It typically ends in .com, .com.gh, .org. ,biz, .info and more.

A web hosting however, is the infrastructure that support your website.

Let’s me break the difference between and hosting and domain further.


A website’s domain name or domain is basically a unique address used to access a website online. The first step in designing your new website is to purchase a domain name.

For instance our main domain name is sobiaonline.com.

We will also help you to set up free additional domain names technically termed as sub-domains/addon domains for free such as webdesign.sobiaonline.com is an additional domain we have used for our web design services.

When choosing domains, it is important to select a very affordable provider as you will always renew the domain every year.

In selecting domains, think of short names, name of your business or keywords you would want to appear in search results for.


Hosting and domain makes it possible for your website data and information to stored and made available for end users when they type in your domain name and visit your website online.

This information you are currently reading is one of the hosting files on this website just like a page in a book. All the pages are stored by the website host and rendered for you when enter the page link on your website.

Thus when you type webdesign.sobiaonline.com your browser connects to our website files and displays the information for you to see this page.

Hosting and domain also makes it possible to create an official email address and this would add an official appeal to your website.

For instance our email address [email protected] is more appealing than say a free gmail, yahoo, outlook or yandex emails.

Hosting comes in different packages based on your file size, site trafick and security considerations. Unlike domain names the cheaper option is not always the best.

If you need free consultation on selecting an ideal hosting solution feel free to contact me.


My domain and hosting, emails, backups, security checks and SSL certification service at very affordable rates renewable annually. Contact me and lets get started with your new domain and hosting

All of my clients get access to hosting with their website which includes their emails , backups and an SSL certificate at an affordable yearly renewal fee.